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Relationship & Codependency Issues

Do you feel as though your relationship is in distress?

Do you deny your own needs, and put others' needs ahead of your own?

Are you feeling disconnected from those you love?

Are you feeling emotionally burned out and depleted?

So many folks can relate to relationship challenges from time to time but if you feel as though you are repeating patterns or feeling stuck, you may need to explore this further.  We are social creatures and all of us need companions whether romantic or platonic but relationships can be hard.  Using a combination of emotionally focused techniques as well as an attachment-related approach can assist you with working through and healing from past or current relationship challenges. 

I will work with you to:

  • Increase self-compassion.

  • Heal from codependent behaviors and patterns. 

  • Create more balance in your relationships. 

  • Implement healthy boundaries with self and others.

  • Heal from attachment-related injuries. 

  • Increase emotional awareness. 

  • Explore childhood, caretaker influence, and also possible childhood emotional neglect injuries if applicable. 

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