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Anxiety, Worry, & Panic

Is it difficult to control your worry?

Do you worry excessively or feel anxious and tense all day?

Do you experience panic attacks?

Do you have physical symptoms like difficulty breathing or chest pains?

Feeling anxiety, worry, or panic can interfere with everyday life and can create both physical, emotional, and psychological stress. If you feel as though you are experiencing these symptoms and more, I am here to help. I believe understanding how anxiety is interpreted and how it works in the brain, is the start to healing getting your life back.


Using more helpful coping strategies, creativity, and a combination of integrative psychotherapy techniques such as mindfulness and cognitive and behavioral interventions are very successful treatments of anxiety and will be an integral part of our sessions. We will process these challenges together and develop a successful treatment plan to decrease your worry, anxiety, or panic in a judgment-free setting.  

Girl in Therapy
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