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About Me

I am a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor who will look at you as a whole person and will help to identify your values and who you want to be. I will focus on your strengths and will work with you to help you find a way to better live in this world. I provide a safe space, encouragement, and motivation while providing genuineness and empathy. I also love to use humor when appropriate since laughter releases endorphins as well as facilitates healing.   

I received my MS in Mental Health Counseling from Capella University. I gained experience working with clients who had been survivors of sexual assault and provided medical and legal advocacy, community education, and assistance to those who had past and current traumatic experiences.  I also have experience working with people who seek relief from anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma, OCD, as well as adjustment challenges. 


Sessions are tailored to the individual, and consist of Cognitive-Behavioral, especially Exposure and Response Prevention skills, emotion/emotionally focused techniques, somatic experiences, as well as acceptance practices.  During in-person sessions, if traditional talk therapy is difficult, I offer the use of Sand Tray Therapy, which is an effective way of expressing feelings, emotions, and experiences.  I am a professional member of the International OCD Foundation, as I value continuing education and connecting with other professionals. 


I have many years of experience working in the culinary arts world where I specialized in creating options for people who had allergies and special dietary needs.  I believe intuitive/mindful eating is vital to a productive life and when our mind, body, and soul align, we get the optimal benefit of treatment. A healthy relationship to food also positively impacts the relationship we have within and our self-image. I am able to incorporate this mindful eating approach into sessions as needed.  As a former certified personal trainer, I believe movement, exercise, and strength of the physical body, impact our lives for the better and give us courage.  In addition, I was employed for a number of years within a camp environment where she gained a love for nature and saw the benefits of being outdoors.  Whether the activities were swimming and biking, nature walks, gardening, or just a few moments of meditation, I saw the positive outcomes from those of all ages.  That is why I offer “Walk & Talk Therapy” for folks who may prefer to be outdoors and in nature. 


I look forward to working with you and assisting in your healing!

Krystal Glassman, LCPC

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