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PTSD & Complex PTSD

Have you experienced single or multiple events that left you feeling scared or numb?

Are you experiencing nightmares or flashbacks due to past traumatic events?

Are you feeling lonely or emotionally and physically disconnected from yourself and the world?

Therapy can be very helpful for those who have experienced trauma. The focus of safety along with an integrative psychotherapy approach is front and center during sessions.  I use somatic (body-focused) interventions to help you create awareness and balance within along with providing psycho-education to decrease feelings of shame and self-criticism. Parts work and inner child work is implemented to heal emotionally injured parts of the self as well as apply grounding techniques to calm the nervous system. I work collaboratively with you to help with resourcing in order to create stability and continued safety within your world. 

Exit Counseling is also provided and approached using a trauma-informed lens. Exit counseling is utilized for those who have left or plan on leaving a cult, extreme religious practices or groups, as well as multi-level-marking businesses where the impact of these experiences has left you feeling scared, lonely, and shameful.    

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